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Skin Darkening and its Root Causes

We live in an age where everyone is becoming more conscious of their skin. Some of us desire a whiter and fairer skin, while others want to have a spotless skin and an even skin-tone. Unfortunately, some us suffer from skin discoloration and darkening and don't know how to get lighter skin. This can make one feel uncomfortable showing off the problematic skin areas in public. Now for skin darkening, two major factors are responsible, one is skin irritation that results from allergies or clothing and the other one is unsafe and prolonged exposure to the sun's UV rays. In this comprehensive guide on how to get whiter skin, we will cover the best skin lightening products and lots more. how to make your skin lighter

Skin Darkening: How to make skin lighter

The skin begins to darken when there is a prolonged excessive exposure to sunlight, the process by which this darkening takes place is known as melanogenesis. When there is an over production of melanin in the skin cells, hyper-pigmentation begins to occur and it usually starts in small patches and it can eventually spread to other portions of the skin if left unattended. Melanin is an insoluble pigment that is responsible for skin pigmentation or color. For example, some one who is fair skinned may through repeated exposure to sunlight develop a tan, what happened was that the exposure to the sun induced the production of more melanin which caused the change in skin color. Although a lot of people view skin tanning as a style statement, but the truth is that tanning may also cause cancer of the skin. If the the facial area is the only part of the skin affected, then you'll only need a bleaching cream for face.

Exposure to Sunlight

As stated earlier, Ultra Violet(UV) rays from the sun reaches the skin and causes melanogenesis, this process is characterized by an increase in the production of Melanin. The process Melanogenesis is somewhat similar to that of a sunburn. In the case of a sunburn, the UV rays damages the skin's cellular DNA by inducing the formation of molecular lesion, this leads to consequences like wrinkle formation and in some severe cases cancerous cells formation. When this damage occurs, the door is now opened for mutations to occur and these mutations in turn leads to skin cancer. Besides excessive unprotected exposure to the sun's rays, another cause of heightened melanin production is the over excessive consumption and combustion of retinoids.For starters, retinoid are resinlike naturally occurring simple forms of Vitamin A. They are most often found in vegetables. One of the most common member of the retinoid family is beta-carotene, this substance is commonly found in vegetables such as carrots and some orange vegetables. When you consume excessive quantities of beta-carotene this can lead to hyper-pigmentation, the effect is that one's complexion may become orangish in color. Another causative factor for skin darkening and hyperpigmentation is the exposure to the chemical substance Psoralens. This Psoralens is an ingredient used in the production of instant tanning products. These instant tanners are touted as "safe" alternatives to tanning. However a critical ingredient in these products Psoralens is known to be carcinogenic. Therefore excessive exposure to products containing Psoralens may lead to skin cancer.

Skin Darkening due to Allergies and friction in Clothing

Another cause of skin darkening is the irritation that results from friction between the skin and certain clothing fabrics. The rashes from this friction and other allergic reactions can cause hyper-pigmentation. There are certain clothing fabric that cause skin irritation when worn constantly. Some ingredients used in cosmetic products can also induce the excessive production of melanin leading to dark patches on the skin. And lets not forget that certain people do have a genetic bias to freckle and some others just have a darker complexion as a result of their ancestral heritage. To recap, extended unprotected exposure to the sun's rays and allergic reactions or irritation from clothing fabrics are some of the major causative factors of skin darkening. Fortunately, we now how to make skin lighter with the use tons of  interventions such as the best skin lightening products and treatments that available and that can be used to attain a fairer, whitened skin as discussed below.

Skin Pigmentation

The differences of complexion between individuals is caused by the varying levels of melanin in their skin cells. The skin's complexion can range from black to white depending on how much melanin is present in the skin. This melanin is produced by a cell in the basal layer of the epidermis called melanocytes. Melanin regulates the skin's absorption of Ultra Violet rays from the sun. Ultra violet radiation does help in producing Vitamin D, but as discussed earlier when we talked about sunburn, too much UV radiation can cause skin damage.

How to  Get Lighter Skin

Before opting for topical products for skin whitening, you can try out these natural ways to lighter skin. Use these skin whitening tips to achieve lighter skin naturally. Drink Water – drinking lots of water can do wonders for your body, not just your skin, endeavor to drink about 2 liters of water a day, this will help the body to flush-out toxins in the body and of course keep out the dark spots and blemishes. Diet- This is an often overlooked aspect, we often pay all our attention to apply stuff to the skin without looking after our diet. A balanced diet is an absolute necessity to getting our desired skin complexion. Stay away from processed foods, these foods contain altered ingredients that make the skin vulnerable to blemishes. Incorporate foods rich in fiber to your diet. Working Out - It is always a good thing to maintain a regular workout regimen. Among other benefits it will enhance the circulation of blood and ensure that adequate quantities of oxygen is delivered to all parts of the body.

The Best Skin Lightening Ingredients

Most skin lightening products are effective because they inhibit the production of melanin. They do this by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme that is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland and this enzyme controls the production of melanin in melanocyte cells. Skin lightening treatments come in various forms, some as lotions or gels or a combination of both. We will now discuss the major skin whitening agents and ingredients found in these products. Kojic Acid: Kojic acid is a chemical substance that is obtained as a by-product of rice malting. It is also produced from the sake production process. Kojic acid has been known to be very effective in suppressing the production of melanin. However Kojic acid is somewhat unstable and may deteriorate when exposed to the sun. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA): AHA is quite popular because of it's excellent exfoliative properties.This skin lightening ingredient is of such a molecular small size that it can easily pass through the skin. The epidermal layer of the skin is the superficial layer where most of the dark patches and skin discoloration occur, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid does thee job of regenerating these skin cells and removing the abnormal skin layers. Hydroquinone: Hydroquinone is an antioxidant used in the skin lightening process, usually in combination with other ingredients. In the US, over-the-counter cosmetics are limited to a concentration of 2% Hydroquinone and you'll need a prescription to get cosmetics that contain up to 4% concentration of hydroquinone. Arbutin: This is another potent ingredient and is usually used as an alternative to Hydroquinone. This an ingredient those seeking for how to get lighter skin should always watch out for. Arbutin is produced from the mulberry fruit and all it's variants and it is an excellent melanin inhibiting agent that is considered a safer alternative to Hydroquinone.  

Best Skin Lightening Creams Review

There are lots of skin lightening products that promise to give you a fairer and whiter complexion. These products work to reduce the high level of pigmentation in some parts of the skin where moles and birthmarks are visible. These products are manufactured from both natural and synthetic ingredients and some of them are quite effective at whitening the skin's color. In this guide we will explain how each of the major ingredients work and highlight the more effective products that yield the most result in skin whitening and ultimately you'll know how to get lighter skin.

Top 3 Skin Lightening Creams


#1 Illuminatural 6iilluminatural 6i skin lightening cream

The Illuminatural 6i is a product of very extensive research by the manufacturers who have served it up in form of a topical serum. There are documented evidence of the Illuminatural 6i's ability to lighten and brighten dark skin spots when applied daily. The product is formulated with six active components and is the answer for those seeking for how to get lighter skin. These active ingredients inhibit the melanin pigment production and also slough's off the pigmented cells. With the application of this cream, you'll notice the dark spots begin to lighten with daily application and most people typical report great results within 90 days.This product works for lightening dark elbows, knees, and other negative effects of hyper-pigmentation. Illuminatural 6i's formulation also makes it very effective for getting rid of things like liver spots, birthmarks, freckles,  acne scars, and old scars. In addition the manufacturer's also offer a guarantee on their product where you can return the serum if you don't see any results. Read the full Illuminatural 6i skin brightener review. Visit Official site #2 Revitol Skin Brightener
Revitol Skin Brightener Review
Revitol Skin Brightener Review
  This is one of the best skin lightening products, the Revitol Skin Brightener product evens your skin tone and makes the skin look less blotchy. This one of the best bleaching cream for face. The manufacturer's have avoided the use of toxic ingredients and have opted for natural ingredients that they promise will make your skin look vibrant and even-toned. The key ingredients used in the production of Revitol Skin Brightener are, Arbutin, Shea Butter, Lumiskin, Vitamins A, C and E, Grapefruit extract and Evening Primrose oil. Read the full Revitol Skin Brightener Review or Visit The Official Site. #3 Xtreme Brite Xtreme-Brite-lightening-brightening-gelSince the early nineties, Tomjai Enterprise, manufacturer's of Xtreme Brite have specialized in adding value to the skin care industry and producing top notch whitening products. They import unique skin care ingredients from all over the world. Xtreme Brite is the company's latest product, which it formulated in collaboration with Paris based skin care R & D specialists. Xtreme Brite is a very good bleaching cream for face and is among the best skin lighteners in  the market and has lot's of people achieve whiter, even-toned skin.  Tomjai Enterprise's product line includes the following offerings: Xtreme Brite Gel – this skin lightening cream contains a sunscreen ingredient as well as vitamins. The cream helps you achieve ab even toned and smoother complexion. Xtreme Brite Cocoa Butter Lotion – this silky hydrating product comes in the form of a lotion and helps to liven dull skin. It results in a smoother and lighter skin without scars, stretch marks, and dark patches. Complete Body Soap – this soap contains ingredients that work well for skin exfoliation. The soap removes dead skin cells and helps to regenerate new skin layers. Clear Quick Gel – this gel has key ingredients that are effective for removing dark patches and spots and also protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation. The product is non-greasy and it is also readily absorbed by the skin cells. Brightening Peeling Soap – this one makes use of peeling agents to remove dead skin cells and also clean your skin. Perfect Brightener Lotion – This formulation is specifically for skin lightening and hydration. The lotion has ingredients that enable it's deep penetrative action for removal of dark patches and spots leaving the skin looking supple and younger. Clear Quick Cream – This is the product for firming and removing blemishes and dark spots from the skin. The awesome cosmetic formulation of this product makes it very effective for firming and making the skin lighter. VISIT TRUSTED VENDOR  

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