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Ingredients for skin whitening cream

Nowadays, it can be quiet difficult for us to choose the best whitening cream in order to satisfy our needs. There are large numbers of whitening cream products that are on the market place, most of the time, as the potential buyer, we have no idea on what kind of whitening cream that suits our needs. Actually, what we have to know is the ingredients of the whitening cream that we are about to buy. Some ingredients will satisfy your need, while some other don’t. Thus, in order to know the best whitening cream to satisfy your needs, here are top 7 ingredients and the functions of them that you have to know.

Kojic Acid
If you are finding the fastest ingredient that can whiten your skin faster than any other ingredients, kojic acid is in the first place. It is the strongest and most functional when it comes to whiten your skin. It suppresses the enzyme tyrosinase’s production in your body and slow the melanin formation on the surface of your skin. Principally, kojic acid is produced from family and the fermentation of by-product used to make rice wines.

Mulberry is the second place after kojic acid. It is a compound from the mulberry plants roots. It is said can lighten the dark areas such as elbow, lips, knees, armpits and bikinis areas. For these areas, mulberry has the stronger effects than kojic acid and hydroquinone. However, mulberry has the faster effect than the kojic acid, the small amount of mulberry can increase the lightening process of your skin and suppresses the melanin formation.

Alpha Arbutin

Alpha Arbutin takes the third place after kojic acid and mulberry. It is more powerful and effective than beta arbutin. Alpha arbutin is not only good for skin whitening but also healing acnes, dark spots and any other skin problems.It’s primary goal is to prevent tyrosinase production in the body. It comes from a plant named alpha arbutin that you can easily find in the tropical countries, especially in the Asia.

Beta Arbutin
After alpha arbutin, there is beta arbutin. It is less stronger and powerful than alpha arbutin, that is why in some whitening cream, alpha arbutin is more preferable than beta arbutin. It comes from bearberry leaves, cranberry and blueberry. Just like alpha arbutin, it can prevent the production of tyrosinase enzyme in your body and also helps to repair the skin that has been exposed by the sunlight.

The next place goes to glutathione. It is the pioneer in the whitening cream. It usually comes as facial cream, lotions, pills, soap and ointments. It is the antioxidant that can help you to whiter your skin. These days, glutathione is combined with alpha arbutin to get the faster and powerful effects in whitening skin. Most products in the Asian countries use this combination to help them get their white skin that they have desired.

Licorice Root

The other place is taken by licorice root. Just like any other 5 ingredients, it suppresses the production of tyrosinase enzyme that cause a melanin formation in your body. It is well known for this special ability that will help your skin repaired for exposed sunlight. It is usually combined with kojic acid to have faster and stronger effect in whitening skin. It has the substance of anti-inflammatory that will decrease the sunburn on the surface of your skin.

And last on our list today is papaya. It is not as good as glutathione, alpha arbutin and mulberry in suppressing the tyrosinase enzymes, but the substance of papaya will get you a glowing and shimmering skin. It is perfect in removing dead skin which will be a good combination with the other ingredients such as licorice root and mulberry. It helps you to both whiten and glow your skin at the same time by having papaya in your whitening cream.

Well there it is these are the top ingredients that make the best whitening cream, and if you are looking for a proven system that is GUARANTEED to make your skin, then you take a look here or read more about how this system can help whiten your skin.

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