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Dark circles under the eyes and hyper pigmentation can make a woman appear tired and haggard looking. Over time, this can also begin to effect a woman's health. It is hard for a woman to be physically and mentally healthy if she has chronic problems looking her best.

Generally dark circles are attributed to lack of sleep or insufficient levels of iron in the body. These causes are easy to rectify by simply eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and getting enough sleep at night. If the dark circles persist, then the condition may be hyper-pigmentation instead. Hyper-pigmentation is caused as a result of the levels of melanin being too high. Melanin is what causes the skin to darken, and higher levels in the under eye skin can result in the appearance of dark circles.


Hyperpigmentation is more common in people from Asia, Africa, or the Middle East. While genetics plays a role in causing this disorder, sun exposure and scarring can also cause the skin to darken. Genetics can determine if a woman's skin will darken and result in freckles from hyper-pigmentation. An example of genetically caused hyper-pigmentation is that many Indian women have hereditary dark circles under their eyes. Hormones and sun exposure can also result in freckles and dark spots.

Age spots or liver spots are another type of hyper-pigmentation. Prolonged exposure to the sun, and healed scars from acne and burns can also cause darkening of the skin. Often women experience hyper-pigmentation during and after pregnancy. The changing hormonal level in a woman’s body frequently causes dark spots to develop on the face and abdomen. Usually hormonal levels return to normal after the pregnancy and the hyper-pigmentation will begin to fade.

Dark Circles Under The Eyes Treatments

Treating dark circles under the eye when they are caused by hyper-pigmentation usually requires help from a physician. Dark circles can be temporarily hidden with under eye concealers, but this is only a quick fix not a solution. A health care provider will be able to recommend the treatment to permanently erase dark under eye circles.

Laser Hyper-Pigmentation Treatment for Dark Circles Under The Eye:

Before undergoing laser treatment for hyper-pigmentation, a physician should be consulted. In some cases, laser treatments actually darken the skin instead of correcting the discoloration. To prevent this from happening, have a non-exposed area treated with the laser first. If there is no discoloration or darkening, then it is safe to undergo the laser treatments. One of the lasers used is the Q switched ruby. This specialized laser only targets specific areas of the skin. This allows the laser to carefully remove the excess pigmentation without causing any scarring or marks to the skin. This is especially important around the face and eyes.

For women who cannot use, or who are not comfortable with the laser hyper-pigmentation treatment, then chemical peels or intense pulse light treatments are excellent options. Chemical peels can be harsher on sensitive skin leaving it red and tender.

Skin whiteners such as Hydroquinone can also be effective in even out skin tone and lightening dark under eye circles. There are some risks involved with the drug's use. Black spots can appear on the skin after prolonged use, and has been banned in Europe for being linked to certain types of cancer.

Treating with Dark Circles Under The Eyes with Eye Creams:

Eye creams are a safe and effective way to treat dark circles caused by lack of sleep, or for hyper-pigmentation. A dermatologist can recommend the right cream, but over time some of them can safely lighten the skin tone reducing the appearance of dark circles. Another benefit of eye creams is that almost all of them are also moisturizers.

For a lot of women, waking up with dark circles under their eyes is a normal part of their morning. When diet and sleep are not the problem, sometimes a dermatologist is needed. There are treatments available that can have you looking wide awake and also looking younger too.

Best Dark Circles Under Eye Whitener

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The causes of skin discoloration could range from random skin blemishes to excessive tanning. We all know that discolored skin could adversely impact on one's appearance and negatively affect your self-esteem. Although you may not be aware of it yet, there are several methods through which you can naturally make your skin lighter, without making use of chemical lighteners that may potentially cause harm to your skin in the long term. In this guide we will learn about the skin whitening home remedies with which we can whiten the skin Naturally, you will learn the basics of natural skin bleaching with 100% organic everyday ingredients.

skin whitening home remedies

1. Papaya and Honey Mask
The papaya and Honey Mask is a healthy skin whitener made from honey lemon and papaya.
- Take a bowl and place one extra-ripe papaya in it, mash it up thoroughly.
- Add a tea-spoonful of honey, and table-spoonful  of lemon juice to the mashed-up papaya.
- Now mix these ingredients thoroughly and apply on the portions of skin you want whitened.
- Now allow the paste to stay on the skin for five minutes.
- You can now rinse of the paste from your skin.
- Do this intermittently until you achieve desired result.

2. Oatmeal and Fresh Tomato Mask
This is another one of the skin whitening home remedies, in this recipe you will make use of fresh tomatoes and oatmeal to make the mask. With this method you can lighten and exfoliate your skin at the same time. This recipe comes in handy after summer time, when the skin looks blotchy.

-Take the oatmeal and mix with the tomato juice, stir thoroughly until the mixture becomes a paste.
-Now you can apply the paste on parts of the skin you want to brighten.
-Allow the paste to dry on the skin.
-Rinse off the paste and pat skin with dry clothe.

3. Dandelion Ointment Treatment
The use of dandelion leaves for skin whitening requires a bit of patience before you start seeing results, however it is an excellent way to whiten the skin because as you continue with it's application you'll eventual start seeing amazing results over time. Dandelion leaves can effectively remove sun-kissed freckles, age spots and blemishes from the skin. Now they are several ways of making the Dandelion leaves concoction, and various dandelion concoctions can be purchased from pharmacies, but if you don't mind doing it yourself, then read on:

- start by Chopping up about a quarter cup fresh dandelion leaves.
- soak the chopped up leaves in castor oil for approximately two weeks.
- Strain them and use it every day, like you would a cream.

You may also prepare a full-bodied chamomile and dandelion tea by letting it sit overnight. In the morning, simply strain and then apply to larger skin areas. Save your herbs and use them to lighten darker skin spots by patting them into the area. Let them completely dry before rinsing them off.

4. Lemon, Milk, and Honey Mask
With this skin whitening mask , it's a lot easier, and you don't have to wait too long to get it on.
- Mix a small quantity of honey with fresh lemon juice and powdered milk.
- Thoroughly stir this mixture, until the powdered milk is completely dissolved into a paste.
- Now apply the paste to areas you want to lighten and brighten.

You can apply this mask as daily if you wish, it is quite effective for nurturing and rejuvenating the skin. Once you start seeing some results, this is something   you would enjoy doing, over and over again.
  Note: To be sure that none of the ingredients reacts negatively to your skin, you can quickly do a patch-test, before applying the mask.

These home remedies for skin whitening are a great alternative to commercial chemicals to achieve goddess-like skin. While they may require a bit more time, before their effects start to show, at the end of the day, the results are virtually the same - and you get the added advantage of not applying potentially harmful chemicals to your skin because you made the choice to make your skin whitening natural.

Most people would love to bleach or even their skin tone, but do not know how, and they ask "What is Skin Bleaching?". In this guide we will learn the basics of bleaching and how to bleach skin. Skin bleaching is a type of beauty treatment regimen normally applied to the skin to remove unwanted blemishes and skin discolorations, this form of treatment balances out the overall color of the skin and evens the skin tone. There are a variety of products available for bleaching the skin and these products are virtual available everywhere.

Skin lighteners or skin lightening products are also called whiteners, skin brighteners, fade, and bleaching creams. These products are effective because the reduce the melanin levels of the skin. A lot of people who make use of these lighteners, use them to treat defects such as skin discoloration due to hormonal imbalance or age spots and acne scars. It is not uncommon for brighteners to be used to lighten darker toned skin.

In this guide we are going to delve into the science behind your skin color, how skin bleaching products work and the safety guidelines you need to adhere to when using skin lighteners.

The Science Behind Skin Color

The color of our skin is dictated by the melanin levels within the skin. Melanin is what gives the skin it's color, this pigment is created by a skin cell which is called melanocytes. The more melanin you have in your skin cells, the darker your skin tone would be. On the other hand, the amount of melanin in one's skin cells is primarily determined by inherited genes and DNA. Other factors that may affect melanin levels include hormones, exposure to the sun's UV rays, skin damage and skin contact with chemicals.

Quite often changes in our skin color are temporary and the skin tone would after a while revert to their original color, however there are certain discolorations to the skin that tend to become permanent, discolorations such as age spots and liver spots are more prone to becoming permanent.

How to Bleach Skin and How Skin Lighteners Work

Skin lighteners make use of an active ingredient or combination of active ingredients to reduce the melanin levels of the portion of skin where they are applied, making that portion lighter toned. They are quite a handful of active ingredients used by various lighteners, one of the most popular is Hydroquinone.

In the U.S., the ingredient Hydroquinone is under regulation by the FDA. Hydroquinone is present in a concentration of at least 2% in most over the counter skin lighteners. A dermatologist may also write a prescription for skin whiteners that have twice that concentration, up to 4% of hydroquinone.

Although hydroquinone is very popular, other skin lightening products use other primary ingredients such as steroids or retinoic acids, these compounds are derived primarily from Vitamin A. A few others make use of organic type active ingredients like Kojic acid, a substance produced from fungus, and Arbutin which is an element commonly found in some plant species.

Safety Measures to Keep in Mind When Using Skin Lighteners

Although it is generally safe to make use of skin whitening products on your own, it will be beneficial to your Dermatologist before applying a lightening product. Make sure you adhere to specific instructions regarding the use of these products.

Be conscious of the mercury levels in the skin lightener you intend to use. Watch for misleading pseudo-names for mercury such as mercuric, mercurous, mercurio or calomel.

Ensure that products you get over the counter have maximum concentrations of the active ingredient, Hydroquinone of 2%.

If the labeling on your product does not indicate the concentration of hydroquinone, do not automatically assume it's safe to apply. Not every label is correct. Even though the U.S. Authorities through the FDA closely monitors hydroquinone levels, some products from foreign countries may have more hydroquinone in them than what is deemed acceptable by the FDA.

Other forms of skin lightening treatment include microdermabrasion, laser therapy, and chemical peels that evens out the skin's tone. Do ensure that you consult your health professional, before embarking on these advanced treatments. dermatologist, or pharmacist to ensure the products you're using are safe and appropriate.

skin-whiteningHaving a bright and whitened skin is important. We can’t deny the fact that regardless the true color of the skin, having a brighter and shimmering skin will boost your confident level and reduce insecurities of looking dull. A skin bleaching cream can definitely speed up the process of having a brighter and whiter skin, because it is generally used to brighten, lighten and whiten skin in specific areas that are affected by discoloration and melanin (pigmentation) issues. Many people experience the problem of discoloration and before buying and using a cream to help with that, it is important that you know everything that you need to know for a proper use and application.

What Gives The Skin Its Color?
Before getting to know the workings of a bleaching cream and how it is applied, it is better to first have an understanding of how the discoloration happens to the skin. On the epidermis of your skin which is located in the most outer layer, there are cells that are called melanocytes. These small cells produce a chemical substance known as melanin, those with darker skin tone will produce more melanin, and those with lighter skin tone will produce less melanin than the darker ones. When the skin is exposed to the sun's rays, the outer-most layer of the skin will will try to defend the skin against the sun's rays by producing more melanin. This is the main reason why your skin gets darker when you are exposed to sunlight for an extended period, because producing melanin will keep your skin safe from UV A and UV B(Ultra Violet Rays). The longer it is exposed by the sunlight, the more melanin will be formed on top of the outer layer of your skin. In this stage, you will need a cream to take your skin tone back to normal.

How Does Skin Bleach Cream Work?
Most skin bleaching creams contain a chemical compound known as hydroquinone (of course in the safe amount that has been set by FDA regulation). This compound is what will help remove the melanin formation at the top layer of your skin as dead skin. These creams mainly work to suppress the production of melanin gradually. It is step-by-step solution that requires a series of processes and this will take time to achieve your ideal skin tone. Some bleaching creams also contain kojic acid that will help your body prevent the production of an enzyme called tyrosinsase that will cause more melanin to be formed at the top layer of your skin. The only thing you need to do is to apply the cream to the area that you want bleached, wait for some time and then wash it off with water. The advancement of nano technology in some bleaching creams now allows you to apply the cream overnight and have an immediate result in the morning.

What is a Skin Bleaching Cream Used for?
Usually creams like this are used for the treatment of dark spots caused by acnes, scars and uneven tone because of sunlight exposure. Usually, discoloration will only happen at the most outer layer of the skin, so bleaching cream will greatly reduce the melanin on the top layer and remove the dark spots caused by the dead skin and too much melanin formation. However, so many people use bleaching creams to have a lighter and brighter skin on the entire body which is clearly not advised. The chemical compound in the bleach cream could harm your skin.

What are the Skin Bleaching Cream side effects?
Here are some side effects that may occur when you use skin bleach cream for some extended time:
• Premature aging due to the extended use.
• It increases the risk of skin cancer as it suppresses the formation of melanin which defense your skin from UV rays.
• Permanent skin discoloration problem
• Skin irritation or allergic
• Skin infections, thin skin and poor healing of skin caused by the steroids
• Lower your body natural defense significantly
• Mercury poisoning
• Permanent skin damage caused by the sunlight, wrinkles and overall aging skin.
One thing that you should remember before using skin bleach cream, you will have to obey the FDA regulation for a safety use.

To get started this is a great bleaching cream, with plenty of positive reviews. But if you are the type who likes to do things naturally, then you may want to opt for this natural system that is completely guaranteed to whiten your skin or read more about it here.

Having a dull skin is a nightmare for almost every woman alive. It is like having a huge scar on the face that will make a woman lose her confidence. A perfect skin is not always a porcelain-look like Barbie doll. The true definition of a perfect skin is actually a healthy skin that  always looks fresh, even without too much make up. A healthy skin is a skin without acne or any other skin illness. Unhealthy skin is more likely the main reason why a woman needs to put a lot of make up on, to cover their ugly skin. It is wiser to maintain the healthiness of your skin rather than spending too much money on expensive make up without repairing your skin. So this article will teach how to naturally lighten your skin.

Natural Ingredients

Something natural is always better than chemical one. It may take longer time to have the result, but natural ingredients will never make you depended on it. It is better to have something natural to lighten your skin that will give you a long-lasting result, rather than chemical cream that will lighten your skin in only 7 days, but as soon as you quit using it your skin will be back as ugly as it used to, you can take a look at this system that shows how to naturally lighten the skin. So here are some natural ingredients that you can have to lighten your skin naturally without a bad effect to your skin:

1. Yogurt. Yogurt is a fermentation of milk that has so many nutrition especially for the skin. It contains lactic acid that can bleach your skin.

2. Oranges. It contains vitamin C which is the most important ingredients of a proper skincare regimen. Oranges have bleaching properties that can lighten your skin tone. Research has found that a regular consumption of orange can improve your skin texture.

3. Gram Flour. It is one of the best natural ingredients for people who wish to lighten their whole body skin and facial skin, because it contains so many useful minerals and nutrients that will keep your skin healthy.

4. Honey. It helps to bleach and moisten your skin. It helps repairing dry skin, which is the most common factor for uneven skin tone.

5. Lemons. The acidic properties in lemons bleach your uneven skin tone while the vitamin C lets your new cell growth which make a healthy skin.

Healthy Lifestyle

You will never get to lighten your skin properly if you are not living a healthy lifestyle. You will have to watch carefully on what you eat. Deep fried stuffs will dehydrate your skin, you will need to eat more vegetables and fruits, especially oranges and lemons to have the proper amount of vitamins and nutrition for your healthy skin. A regular sleep schedule will also hydrate your skin. Drink 2 liter of water every day, drink more after you wake up and before you go to sleep. The right amount of water that your body consume can also hydrate your skin at its best. Logically, when your skin is hydrated, it is easier to the natural lightening skin to work on your skin. Do not stay too long in air-conditioned room as it will dehydrate your skin.

Daily Routine
Having direct sunlight exposure on your skin will also give your skin an uneven tone. It will dehydrate your skin as well. However, to prevent this right after you wake up, you will need to give your skin a moisturizer cream to moisten your skin. If you want, you can have a moisturizer and whitening in one cream and apply it to your skin after you wake up in the morning. This will keep your skin moist during the whole day as well as working to lighten your skin. To have an optimum result, you can make your own natural mask by adding honey and lemon in a plate, then apply it to your face. You will have to wait until it dries completely, wash it and use your favorite lightening cream. You can have your ideal skin tone within 14 days if you are consistent in doing this routine.

fruits for skin lightening