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A Guide to Choosing a Skin Bleaching Cream

Having a bright and whitened skin is important. We can’t deny the fact that regardless the true color of the skin, having a brighter and shimmering skin will boost your confident level and reduce insecurities of looking dull. A skin bleaching cream can definitely speed up the process of having a brighter and whiter skin, because it is generally used to brighten, lighten and whiten skin in specific areas that are affected by discoloration and melanin (pigmentation) issues. Many people experience the problem of discoloration and before buying and using a cream to help with that, it is important that you know everything that you need to know for a proper use and

What Gives The Skin Its Color?

Before getting to know the workings of a bleaching cream and how it is applied, it is better to first have an understanding of how the discoloration happens to the skin. On the epidermis of your skin which is located in the most outer layer, there are cells that are called melanocytes. These small cells produce a chemical substance known as melanin, those with darker skin tone will produce more melanin, and those with lighter skin tone will produce less melanin than the darker ones. When the skin is exposed to the sun’s rays, the outer-most layer of the skin will will try to defend the skin against the sun’s rays by producing more melanin. This is the main reason why your skin gets darker when you are exposed to sunlight for an extended period, because producing melanin will keep your skin safe from UV A and UV B(Ultra Violet Rays). The longer it is exposed by the sunlight, the more melanin will be formed on top of the outer layer of your skin. In this stage, you will need a cream to take your skin tone back to normal.

How Does Skin Bleach Cream Work?

Most skin bleaching creams contain a chemical compound known as hydroquinone (of course in the safe amount that has been set by FDA regulation). This compound is what will help remove the melanin formation at the top layer of your skin as dead skin. These creams mainly work to suppress the production of melanin gradually. It is step-by-step solution that requires a series of processes and this will take time to achieve your ideal skin tone. Some bleaching creams also contain kojic acid that will help your body prevent the production of an enzyme called tyrosinsase that will cause more melanin to be formed at the top layer of your skin. The only thing you need to do is to apply the cream to the area that you want bleached, wait for some time and then wash it off with water. The advancement of nano technology in some bleaching creams now allows you to apply the cream overnight and have an immediate result in the morning.

What is a Skin Bleaching Cream Used for?

Usually creams like this are used for the treatment of dark spots caused by acnes, scars and uneven tone because of sunlight exposure. Usually, discoloration will only happen at the most outer layer of the skin, so bleaching cream will greatly reduce the melanin on the top layer and remove the dark spots caused by the dead skin and too much melanin formation. However, so many people use bleaching creams to have a lighter and brighter skin on the entire body which is clearly not advised. The chemical compound in the bleach cream could harm your skin.

What are the Skin Bleaching Cream side effects?
Here are some side effects that may occur when you use skin bleach cream for some extended time:
• Premature aging due to the extended use.
• It increases the risk of skin cancer as it suppresses the formation of melanin which defense your skin from UV rays.
• Permanent skin discoloration problem
• Skin irritation or allergic
• Skin infections, thin skin and poor healing of skin caused by the steroids
• Lower your body natural defense significantly
• Mercury poisoning
• Permanent skin damage caused by the sunlight, wrinkles and overall aging skin.
One thing that you should remember before using skin bleach cream, you will have to obey the FDA regulation for a safety use.

To get started this is a great bleaching cream, with plenty of positive reviews. But if you are the type who likes to do things naturally, then you may want to opt for this natural system that is completely guaranteed to whiten your skin or read more about it here.

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