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How to Naturally Lighten Your Skin

Having a dull skin is a nightmare for almost every woman alive. It is like having a huge scar on the face that will make a woman lose her confidence. A perfect skin is not always a porcelain-look like Barbie doll. The true definition of a perfect skin is actually a healthy skin that  always looks fresh, even without too much make up. A healthy skin is a skin without acne or any other skin illness. Unhealthy skin is more likely the main reason why a woman needs to put a lot of make up on, to cover their ugly skin. It is wiser to maintain the healthiness of your skin rather than spending too much money on expensive make up without repairing your skin. So this article will teach how to naturally lighten your skin.

Natural Ingredients

Something natural is always better than chemical one. It may take longer time to have the result, but natural ingredients will never make you depended on it. It is better to have something natural to lighten your skin that will give you a long-lasting result, rather than chemical cream that will lighten your skin in only 7 days, but as soon as you quit using it your skin will be back as ugly as it used to, you can take a look at this system that shows how to naturally lighten the skin. So here are some natural ingredients that you can have to lighten your skin naturally without a bad effect to your skin:

1. Yogurt. Yogurt is a fermentation of milk that has so many nutrition especially for the skin. It contains lactic acid that can bleach your skin.

2. Oranges. It contains vitamin C which is the most important ingredients of a proper skincare regimen. Oranges have bleaching properties that can lighten your skin tone. Research has found that a regular consumption of orange can improve your skin texture.

3. Gram Flour. It is one of the best natural ingredients for people who wish to lighten their whole body skin and facial skin, because it contains so many useful minerals and nutrients that will keep your skin healthy.

4. Honey. It helps to bleach and moisten your skin. It helps repairing dry skin, which is the most common factor for uneven skin tone.

5. Lemons. The acidic properties in lemons bleach your uneven skin tone while the vitamin C lets your new cell growth which make a healthy skin.

Healthy Lifestyle

You will never get to lighten your skin properly if you are not living a healthy lifestyle. You will have to watch carefully on what you eat. Deep fried stuffs will dehydrate your skin, you will need to eat more vegetables and fruits, especially oranges and lemons to have the proper amount of vitamins and nutrition for your healthy skin. A regular sleep schedule will also hydrate your skin. Drink 2 liter of water every day, drink more after you wake up and before you go to sleep. The right amount of water that your body consume can also hydrate your skin at its best. Logically, when your skin is hydrated, it is easier for natural skin lightening to work on your skin. Do not stay too long in air-conditioned room as it will dehydrate your skin.

Daily Routine
Having direct sunlight exposure on your skin will also give your skin an uneven tone. It will dehydrate your skin as well. However, to prevent this right after you wake up, you will need to give your skin a moisturizer cream to moisten your skin. If you want, you can have a moisturizer and whitening in one cream and apply it to your skin after you wake up in the morning. This will keep your skin moist during the whole day as well as working to lighten your skin. To have an optimum result, you can make your own natural mask by adding honey and lemon in a plate, then apply it to your face. You will have to wait until it dries completely, wash it and use your favorite lightening cream. You can have your ideal skin tone within 14 days if you are consistent in doing this routine.

fruits for skin lightening

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