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Hyperpigmentation And Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes and hyper pigmentation can make a woman appear tired and haggard looking. Over time, this can also begin to effect a woman’s health. It is hard for a woman to be physically and mentally healthy if she has chronic problems looking her best.

Generally dark circles are attributed to lack of sleep or insufficient levels of iron in the body. These causes are easy to rectify by simply eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and getting enough sleep at night. If the dark circles persist, then the condition may be hyper-pigmentation instead. Hyper-pigmentation is caused as a result of the levels of melanin being too high. Melanin is what causes the skin to darken, and higher levels in the under eye skin can result in the appearance of dark circles.


Hyperpigmentation is more common in people from Asia, Africa, or the Middle East. While genetics plays a role in causing this disorder, sun exposure and scarring can also cause the skin to darken. Genetics can determine if a woman’s skin will darken and result in freckles from hyper-pigmentation. An example of genetically caused hyper-pigmentation is that many Indian women have hereditary dark circles under their eyes. Hormones and sun exposure can also result in freckles and dark spots.

Age spots or liver spots are another type of hyper-pigmentation. Prolonged exposure to the sun, and healed scars from acne and burns can also cause darkening of the skin. Often women experience hyper-pigmentation during and after pregnancy. The changing hormonal level in a woman’s body frequently causes dark spots to develop on the face and abdomen. Usually hormonal levels return to normal after the pregnancy and the hyper-pigmentation will begin to fade.

Dark Circles Under The Eyes Treatments

Treating dark circles under the eye when they are caused by hyper-pigmentation usually requires help from a physician. Dark circles can be temporarily hidden with under eye concealers, but this is only a quick fix not a solution. A health care provider will be able to recommend the treatment to permanently erase dark under eye circles.

Laser Hyper-Pigmentation Treatment for Dark Circles Under The Eye:

Before undergoing laser treatment for hyper-pigmentation, a physician should be consulted. In some cases, laser treatments actually darken the skin instead of correcting the discoloration. To prevent this from happening, have a non-exposed area treated with the laser first. If there is no discoloration or darkening, then it is safe to undergo the laser treatments. One of the lasers used is the Q switched ruby. This specialized laser only targets specific areas of the skin. This allows the laser to carefully remove the excess pigmentation without causing any scarring or marks to the skin. This is especially important around the face and eyes.

For women who cannot use, or who are not comfortable with the laser hyper-pigmentation treatment, then chemical peels or intense pulse light treatments are excellent options. Chemical peels can be harsher on sensitive skin leaving it red and tender.

Skin whiteners such as Hydroquinone can also be effective in even out skin tone and lightening dark under eye circles. There are some risks involved with the drug’s use. Black spots can appear on the skin after prolonged use, and has been banned in Europe for being linked to certain types of cancer.

Treating with Dark Circles Under The Eyes with Eye Creams:

Eye creams are a safe and effective way to treat dark circles caused by lack of sleep, or for hyper-pigmentation. A dermatologist can recommend the right cream, but over time some of them can safely lighten the skin tone reducing the appearance of dark circles. Another benefit of eye creams is that almost all of them are also moisturizers.

For a lot of women, waking up with dark circles under their eyes is a normal part of their morning. When diet and sleep are not the problem, sometimes a dermatologist is needed. There are treatments available that can have you looking wide awake and also looking younger too.

Best Dark Circles Under Eye Whitener

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